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(written from a Production point of view) logo is the world's largest online retailer and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. It was founded on 5 July 1994 by Jeff Bezos, an avid fan of the Star Trek who had a brief cameo in Star Trek Beyond. Initially starting out as a book seller, the retailer's assortment quickly expanded to include almost all other conceivable consumer merchandise as well, including those stemming from the Star Trek franchise, in the process becoming an important distribution partner for the franchise, if not the most important one where its merchandise – in both physical and digital manifestations in regard to the print, and home media entertainment formats – is concerned.

While originally founded as an online retailer, Amazon has, after a tentative start, rapidly evolved into a multi-media conglomerate whose many holdings include, among others, Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime and the online publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, which has released several original Star Trek related book titles. While still primarily an online retail company,, Inc. is presently also the conglomerate holding company.

Exclusive home video releasesEdit

Because of its importance to the franchise, especially for its worldwide coverage, is increasingly given – or has enforced – the right to release so-called "retailer exclusive" home media entertainment formats, thereby joining the traditional chain store retailer Best Buy, having already been previously allowed to release such exclusives, but which has only North-American coverage.

No details on the financial arrangements between franchise and any of the respective retailers have ever been disclosed, but it is safe to assume that the "retailer exclusive" format entails a larger margin cut for the retailer involved over the regular releases – and thus a smaller one for the franchise and/or manufacturer.

Star Trek: The Original Series Edit

Variant packagings of the Star Trek: The Original Series - Seasons 1-3 DVD release were retailed as limited exclusives through the German and the French and in November 2005. The German set came with a Starfleet arrowhead insignia shaped display shelf, whereas the French one came in a black hard plastic Starfleet-style "records bin". Four years later, in July 2009, the Japanese released the same set as a limited "Galaxy Box" edition and came packaged with a full scale tricorder toy.

The German and French editions rank to date among the earliest known Amazon Star Trek exclusives, along with the below-mentioned Japanese ones.

Prime universe films Edit

In December 2005 the Japanese retailed a limited exclusive of the Star Trek - The Original Crew Movie Collection  (Special Edition) DVD release, which consisted of a box featuring a die-cast model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) on top of it. It was reissued in July of the following year in a smaller production run, but now featuring a smaller scaled pewter model of the refit-USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Released in November 2013, the Star Trek I-X - Limited Collector's Edition, collecting the first ten remastered versions of the Star Trek films, was exclusively retailed through the British and the German, with its total numbered production run limited to 5,000 copies. Essentially a "deluxe" version of the earlier that year released regular Star Trek: Stardate Collection Blu-ray version, the release had as extras included, a 112-page full-color photo book containing original studio production manuals and behind the scenes stills, film cells, three storyboards, a fabric Federation badge and a blueprint of the USS Enterprise-D.

The Japanese Amazon released in the same year a Stardate Collection exclusive as the to 500 copies limited "Premium Edition", likewise containing extra contents exclusive to that release, which consisted of a film cell from each of the first 10 films and a Star Trek-themed USB flash drive with storyboards and posters.

Star Trek Edit exclusively retailed a Blu-ray version of Star Trek that contained a QMx model of the USS Enterprise in 2009. The metal model was limited to an edition of 5,000 pieces.

The German exclusively retailed a November 2009 2-disc Star Trek (Special Edition) DVD release of Star Trek that contained a model of the Enterprise, which, when assembled, served as a disc holder. This edition was geo-restricted to German and Dutch (through the now defunct Free Record Shop retail chain store) speaking European countries only – though the same product was, in a variant packaging, also available as "retailer exclusives" in Canada through Best Buy and in the USA through Target (as were their Blu-ray counterparts for that matter).

Star Trek Into Darkness Edit

STID 3D Amazon phaser giftset Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray 3D set

In 2013,, the German and the French exclusively carried a 3D Blu-ray Disc edition of Star Trek Into Darkness that contained a QMx phaser replica. The German release differed from the two others in that it had its discs packaged in a "steelbook" casing, a format popular in Germany (see: below).

Star Trek Beyond Edit

A number of Amazon-exclusive editions of the home video release of Star Trek Beyond included a QMx "Mini Masters" seven-inch replica of the USS Franklin or a three-pack of Snapco miniature starships. These sets were released in November 2016.

Limited "Steelbook" Editions Edit

A "steelbook" edition, on occasion also referred to as "tin can" or "metalpack", concerns an optical disc release packaged in a metalic foldout (hence the "book" in steelbook) casing, typically in a limited, one-time only production run at a higher price-point, as opposed to the regular plastic snapcases, though contents are usually the same for both variants. While not as elaborate as the above featured exclusives, a segment of the collector scene values these for its perceived cachet, and is a format utilized in many countries, Germany in particular, where the format is especially popular. [1] Amazon is but one of the many retailers which regularly employs the format as an exclusive. [2]

The 2018 Star Trek: Discovery Season One "Limited Steelbook Edition" was not limited to alone, as this particular release was carried by Best Buy as well, whereas it was in Europe also carried by UK retailer Zavvi and French retailer FNAC.

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