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The American Resistance was a group of Americans who fought against a German occupation of the Eastern United States of America in an alternate timeline World War II.

By 1944, the resistance was becoming more organized and increased their attacks in occupied territory. According to German estimates, five thousand resistance fighters operated in the area around New York City. The resistance constantly attacked German supply lines, which made the Germans vulnerable to an American counterattack. The Germans also blamed the resistance for disrupting food shipments into New York. The resistance incorporated members of very different backgrounds such as the Construction Workers Union, Irish gangs, dock workers, negroes, and "even broads".

One of their actions was attacking a German convoy transporting Jonathan Archer, who was rescued by the insurgents and brought to Alicia Travers, who often provided medical aid to resistance fighters. The resistance helped Archer evade the Gestapo, though some of them resented the military for retreating earlier and leaving the civilian population at the mercy of the Germans. They later helped to capture Ghrath and attack a Na'kuhl facility housing a temporal conduit. (ENT: "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

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