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Amerind was an inhabited planet said to be half a galaxy away from Earth, which was nonetheless discovered in the 23rd century to contain settlements of pre-industrial Humans, the Amerind inhabitants. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")


Age, size, and composition of the planet made it highly improbable that it would evolve like Earth in any way. Nonetheless, the Humans on the planet were accompanied by Earth-like growth, apparently including pine trees, honeysuckles, and orange blossoms. Animals included insects.

The planet featured at least one lake, as well as a number of meadows. However, there were no meteor craters. There were also caves.

Foods of Amerind

A preserver-placed obelisk that possessed an asteroid deflector helped protect the planet's Human inhabitants. Near the obelisk was a small lakeside settlement, and an earth lodge reachable by holy path was also in the area. This land was rich and considered beautiful by Human standards. Nonetheless, its inhabitants knew of famine. Foods available included a variety of gourds and what appeared to be red corn. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")


The only lifeforms on the planet were the Human descendants of several threatened American Indian tribes, including a mixture of Navajo, Mohican, and Delaware, who had been transplanted from Earth some centuries before 2268.

Their legend foretold that the skies might darken, and that the Wise Ones (Preservers) would send a god to make the sky grow quiet. As of 2268, the sky had darkened three times since harvest. An asteroid nearly the size of Luna was on course to the planet. However, the preserver obelisk could no longer be operated, leaving the planet vulnerable to collision.

The USS Enterprise visited the planet at this time on a mission to divert the asteroid. Although the Enterprise was unable to stop it, they were able to operate the deflector in the obelisk, which was in turn was able to deflect the asteroid and once again protect the planet. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")



Background information

The name Amerind originated from the source's script. It is a portmanteau of the planet's inhabitants, "American+Indians".

The scenes taking place on Amerind were filmed at the Hollywood Reservoir near Mulholland Drive. For the 2007 remastered edition of "The Paradise Syndrome", the planet Amerind received a new look, replacing the original version with a computer-generated planetscape.

According to and the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 45), this class M planet was located in a dense and dangerous asteroid belt. No formal name was given for this planet in the episode. It is known either as the "Amerind planet" ( or "Miramanee's Planet". (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 45) [1] [2])

The exact date of the transplantation was not established in the episode. However, an examination of real-world history shows the mentioned Navajo, Mohican, and Delaware tribes all in danger of becoming extinct around the late 18th century.


According to FASA's The Federation source book, Amerind is the second planet in the Epsilon Beta (β) system.

According to the All Our Yesterdays source book, Amerind is the third planet in the Epsilon Corvis system.

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