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Captain Amina Ramsey was a Human female Starfleet officer who lived during the late 24th century.


Starfleet Academy

Ramsey was best friends with Beckett Mariner back at Starfleet Academy. The two of them got to a lot of mischief, such as stealing Professor Rubichik's old special car and driving it into the bay.

Mike McMahan has suggested that Mariner and Ramsey likely dated while at the Academy. [1]

Starfleet career

By 2380, Ramsey served as the commanding officer of the USS Oakland. By that time, her ship and crew encountered four Borg drones which Lieutenant Durga was able to fight off with some "Vulcan jujitsu."

On stardate 57752.6, Ramsey was temporarily transferred to command the USS Cerritos. Captain Freeman had been selected for a mission to the Pisepian agricultural colony in disputed territory, and Ramsey assumed command in her absence. She was accompanied by Lieutenants Durga, Ottessa Warren, and Drew Prachett. During her command aboard the Cerritos, Ramsey got reacquainted with Mariner, who was serving aboard the Cerritos as an ensign. Ramsey made Mariner her acting first officer. Ramsey led the away mission to Khwopa, where she and the away team, including Mariner, performed repairs on the inhabitants' water filtration system.

Afterwards, they reported to the rendezvous point with the USS Rubidoux, which had not arrived on schedule. They later discovered the Rubidoux adrift in space. Captain Ramsey led an away team, and soon found Captain Dayton and her crew hiding in the cargo bay. It was later discovered the Rubidoux had been invaded by a space entity that fed on energy. Captain Ramsey and her away team were able to save Captain Dayton and her crew before the entity consumed the whole ship, resulting in the birth of a space vessel lifeform. (LD: "Much Ado About Boimler")

Ramsey was voiced by Toks Olagundoye.