Fossil ammonite

A fossil ammonite

Ammonites were an extinct group of marine Earth animals.

Doctor Beverly Crusher kept a fossil ammonite on display in her office in sickbay aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2364. (TNG: "11001001")

In 2371, what appeared to be a fossil ammonite-like creature on display in Ishka's home on Ferenginar. (DS9: "Family Business")

Captain Jean-Luc Picard also kept a fossil ammonite on display in his ready room aboard the USS Enterprise-E. (Star Trek: First Contact)

This fossil was auctioned off in Christie's 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction. The auction information suggested that it wasn't an ammonite after all, but rather a representative of a long-dead civilization of intelligent mollusks. [1]

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