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Amy Michelle Earhart (born 3 October 1980; age 40) is an actress who appeared as a Vulcan delegate in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime". She received no credit for her appearances.

Earhart is a distant cousin of Amelia Earhart, a topic of one Star Trek: Voyager episode. Since December 2006 she has been married to former Enterprise writer and production assistant Terry Matalas.


Born in Austin, Texas, Earhart is perhaps best known for her performance as Stacey in the internet Star Wars-based short series Pink Five, which was created, written, and directed by Trey Stokes and also featured ENT regular extra Duncan K. Fraser. Also together with Trey Stokes, Earhart wrote the two independent short films 48 Film Hour (2003) and 48 Film Hour II (2004) and directed the latter one.

Earhart also has appeared in a number of independent films including Alien Dog (2000), Fish Guys (2003), Quest for the Yeti (2004), and a cameo in Sith Apprentice (2005).

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