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Amy Wheaton (born 12 May 1978; age 42) is the sister of Wil and Jeremy Wheaton and portrayed Tara in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "When The Bough Breaks". She received no credit for this appearance.

Born as Amanda Katherine Wheaton in Pasadena, California, she made her first appearance at the age of 9 in the science fiction thriller The Curse (1987) alongside her brother. In 1988 she received a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress Under Ten Years of Age in Television or Motion Pictures for her work on The Curse. Following her Star Trek appearance and an acting break she returned to the screen in the mid 1990s with guest roles on Baywatch (1995, with Gregory J. Barnett), Sliders (1997, with Franc Ross), The Pretender (1999, with Kay E. Kuter and Ryan Bollman), Freaks and Geeks (2000, with David Doty, Becky Ann Baker, and Thomas F. Wilson), and ER (2001, with Michelle Bonilla, James Cromwell, Lily Mariye, Marcelo Tubert, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, David Richards, and Michael McGrady).

Film projects include the drama A Valiant Kiss for the Closet Monster (1997), the short drama The Yellow Bird (2001, with Grainger Hines and Stephen R. Hudis), and the short drama Dear Emily (2001). Her most recent projects are guest parts in episodes of First Monday (2002, with Camille Saviola, Gail Strickland, Stephen Markle, Bennet Guillory, Caroline Lagerfelt, and Dean Stockwell) and Six Feet Under (2002, with David Andrews, Michael Bofshever, Joel Brooks, Graham Jarvis, Kristopher Logan, Nan Martin, and Alice Krige).

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