"The Andorian Mining Consortium runs from no-one!"
– Thy'lek Shran, 2153 ("Proving Ground")

In late 2153, while assisting the crew of Enterprise NX-01 in capturing a Xindi planet-killer prototype, Commander Thy'lek Shran posed as a mining scout of the Andorian Mining Consortium, searching for Archerite. (ENT: "Proving Ground")

It is unknown if this entity really exists or was just an invention of Shran.
The computer game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary mentions the Andorian Mining Consortium (AMC) as background information. According to the game's on-line database, AMC was the third largest private corporation in the Federation by the 2260s. It was a relatively minor organization until it developed the Atlas computer, which transported ore out of the ground, sending high-grade material to processing plants and returning low-grade material back to its source. AMC considered itself to be an environmentally friendly company, but ecologists were pressuring to have its practices investigated. The game itself predates Star Trek: Enterprise by a decade.

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