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Andrei Sterling (born 6 May 1973; age 47) is an actor who appeared as an Annari crew member in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Nightingale".

Sterling was born as Andrey Zilbermints in Minsk, which was then part of the Soviet Union. He studied acting at the Columbia College in Chicago and the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and worked as a fashion photographer in Europe for several years. Sterling is divorced and has been living in Los Angeles.

Sterling has appeared in several television commercials and music videos for artists such as Green Day and The Offspring. His appearances on screen are mostly small roles for which he received no on screen credit. Sterling has played in television series such as Roswell (starring William Sadler), The District (2001, with Marcy Goldman), Once and Again (2001, starring William O. Campbell, Susanna Thompson, and Jeffrey Nordling, and with Glenn Morshower and Julianna McCarthy), The X-Files (2001, with Casey Biggs), and The Division (2001, with Josh Cruze, Tommy Hinkley, John Thaddeus, and Barry Wiggins).

Sterling has also appeared in films such as Drop Dead Fred (1991), The Mighty Ducks (1992, with George Coe and Jacqueline Kim), Untamed Heart (1993, with Christian Slater and Willie Garson), Knight Club (2001, with Ed Lauter), Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001, with John DeMita, Jim Metzler, Tony Amendola, Greg Ellis, and Glenn Goldstein), Vanilla Sky (2001, with Robertson Dean, Ray Proscia, and Mark Bramhall), and The Scorpion King (2002, with The Rock, Branscombe Richmond, Joseph Ruskin, Scott L. Schwartz, Diana R. Lupo, Nikki Flux, and Rachelle Roderick).

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