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Andrew Bicknell is a British actor who played Wagnor, an Angosian pilot in TNG: "The Hunted".

Among his resume are films such as The Meaning of Life (1983, with Matt Frewer), Lady Jane (1986, with Patrick Stewart and William Morgan Sheppard), Heidi (1993, with Noley Thornton), Crush (2001), and The Trial of Tony Blair (2007). In addition he appeared in several television series such as Chronicle (1981), Tales of the Unexpected (1983 and 1988), Sweating Bullets (1992), Highlander (1997), and Murphy's Law (2004).

Bicknell also lent his voice on some video games such as Tomorrow Never Dies (1999), 007: Agent Under Fire (2001), and the UK version of The Weakest Link (2001). In the first two he voiced James Bond.

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