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In an alternate timeline, Andrew Kim was the one-quarter Ocampan and three-quarters Human son of Harry Kim and Linnis Paris and grandson of Tom Paris and Kes.

He figured prominently during the first series of realities that Kes found herself living as she jumped backwards in time from the moment of her death in 2379.

He appeared in her first three backward jumps, first giving her a belated birthday present, second in his room where Kes surprised him while he was working on her present, and finally at her birthday party where he apologized because he didn't have a present for her yet. (VOY: "Before and After")

Andrew Kim was played by actor Christopher Aguilar.
He the script noted described the "...he looks to be about twelve years old. He has Eurasian features, yet his ears bear traces of distinctly Ocampan physiology. His name is Andrew. Kind and curious..."

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