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Lieutenant Andrews was a Human security officer in Starfleet, who served on the USS Voyager.

In an alternate timeline, in 2371, Chakotay entered the bridge and Andrews was called to take him into custody (as they believed him to be in the Maquis). He then followed Chakotay and the captain into the captain's ready room, where Chakotay was able to take Captain Janeway hostage, and took her out into the coridor. Andrews said "Let her go", but they disappeared as they walked past a bulkhead. Captain Janeway yelled "Andrews!", but being in a different time period, he couldn't hear or see her. Andrews then called the bridge for assistance, and told them to scan the area, but not to go past the bulkhead the Captain disappeared behind. (VOY: "Shattered")

Andrews was played by Terrell Clayton.
According to the script notes from the 5 October 2000 final draft for "Shattered", Andrews was originally scripted as Rollins, who was described as a security officer. Rollins was changed to Andrews by the 28 November 2000 revision of the final draft.
The Star Trek: Voyager Companion (p. 453) states his rank and "affiliation" as unknown.

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