Angosian escape pod

Angosian police shuttle escape pod (2366)

The Angosian escape pod was a type of escape pod used by Angosian police shuttles.

The Angosian escape pod was cylindrically shaped, approximately seven meters in length and three meters in diameter.

In 2366, while the USS Enterprise-D was visiting Angosia III, an Angosian police shuttle was commandeered near the Lunar V penal colony by Roga Danar. He would later pilot the ship in an effort to avoid detection by the Enterprise, eventually separating its cockpit section from the engine drive - and then ejecting the escape pod from the drive section. The Enterprise was later able to transport him out of the escape pod onto the starship. (TNG: "The Hunted")

This was the first appearance of this studio model, for more information see TNG studio models.
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