An Angosian police shuttle

The interior of an Angosian police shuttle

The Angosian police shuttle (or transport ship) was a small vessel utilized by the Angosians to transport prisoners. It had a cockpit designed for two operators and at least two additional compartments.

Angosian transport ship in front of the Enterprise

In 2366, the genetically-altered soldier, Roga Danar, escaped from the Lunar V penal colony orbiting Angosia III, in an Angosian transport vessel. This ship had no warp drive, but with skillful piloting by Danar, the ship evaded the USS Enterprise-D's sensors for a time. The ship was capable of separating into two parts (the cockpit module and the drive section), and it also contained at least one escape pod.

Another Angosian transport ship was later used during Danar's escape from the Enterprise-D, which was then used to free the other prisoners from the Lunar V colony. (TNG: "The Hunted")

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