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Ann Magnuson (born 4 January 1956; age 66) is an American actress and musician who played Admiral Kirsten Clancy in the Star Trek: Picard first season episodes "Maps and Legends" and "Broken Pieces".

Magnuson sang in a satirical faux heavy metal band named Vulcan Death Grip (which obviously took its name from Star Trek). Later, she fronted the psychedelic rock band Bongwater. [1] Since the mid-1980s, she has also had a career as a solo artist. Magnuson's career stretches back to the early '80s. Among the films in which Magnuson appeared began with 1982's Vortex with an uncredited Dick Miller. Next was the 1983 vampire thriller The Hunger with Cliff DeYoung. Magnuson's profile increased as part of the cast of the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, in which Magnuson was joined by Timothy Carhart, John Hoyt, Robert Joy, and Tim Ransom. 1987 saw Magnuson in the telefilm Tales From the Hollywood Hills: A Table at Ciro's with Earl Boen and Donna Murphy. As the decade wound down, Magnuson was cast in 1988's Tequila Sunrise opposite Gabriel Damon and Daniel Zacapa. A year later Magnuson was part of Checking Out with Ian Wolfe.

In the decade that followed, Magnuson worked with Mike Starr in the 1994 comedy Cabin Boy. That same year Magnuson costarred in the spy thriller Clear & Present Danger, surrounded by the likes of Vaughn Armstrong, Reg E. Cathey, Raymond Cruz, Kamala Lopez-Dawson, Elizabeth Dennehy, Ellen Geer, Michael Jace, Aaron Lustig, John Putch, Cameron Thor, Harley Venton, and Harris Yulin. A year later, Magnuson reteamed with Cathey in the dystopian Tank Girl, starring Lori Petty in the title role. Also in that film were Doug Jones, Jeff Kober, Clayton Landey, Charles Lucia, Malcolm McDowell, Iggy Pop, and Frank Welker. For 1996, Magnuson was part of the cast in the murder-mystery Before & After with Jordan Lund. 1997 began with Magnuson joining Michael McKean in Still Breathing, followed by a reunion with Malcolm McDowell in Hugo Pool, also featuring Bert Remsen. 1998 was a big year for Magnuson, as she reteamed with McKean cast in Small Soldiers, along with past costar Dick Miller, as well as Robert Picardo, Wendy Schaal, Kirsten Dunst, and Frank Langella. Magnuson's other film work that year was I Woke Up Early the Day I Died alongside Lee Arenberg, Michael G. Hagerty, Brent Hinkley, Blake Lindsley, Ron Perlman, Mark Rolston, Carel Struycken, and Steven Weber.

Film work in the 21st century

In 2000, Magnuson was cast in the romantic comedy Love & Sex, with Famke Janssen and Robert Knepper. However 2001 was a year of misfortune for Magnuson being part of the notorious box office disaster musical Glitter with Padma Lakshmi, followed by the little-noticed Night at the Golden Eagle with Shelly Desai. Magnuson's film career turned around from being cast in the critically acclaimed The United States of Leland costarring Ron Canada, Clyde Kusatsu, Matt Malloy, Jim Metzler, Angela Paton, Michael Welch, and Dell Yount. Magnuson would work opposite Sally Kellerman in 2004's Open House.

Television Guest Roles

While Magnuson's television debut was the short-lived sketch series Alive From Off Center, it would not be until she appeared on The John Larroquette Show, "Black & White & Red All Over" in 1996 where she would work a guest spot with another Trek actor, followed that same year in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, "Crisis In the Love Zone" with Golden Brooks. A year later, Magnuson would guest on The Drew Carey Show starring Diedrich Bader in "Check Out Drew's Old Flame", and a year after that, Magnuson would reteam with Mark Rolston in the historical mini-series From the Earth to the Moon in "We have Cleared the Tower". Magnuson's television work would wane for more than a half-decade when in 2004 she arrived in the final season of Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer in the title role in "Match Game", that same year, Magnuson would guest on CSI: Miami in the disaster-themed "Crime Wave" opposite John Kassir. 2007 would mark the first time Magnuson would work with her future costar Patrick Stewart on the Seth MacFarlane created American Dad also starring Scott Grimes and Wendy Schaal in "I Can't Stan You". The next Trek-connected television appearance for Magnuson came in her turn on Modern Family in "Goodnight, Gracie"(2013) with Peggy Miley.

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