Annie Meyers was a holographic character in a holodeck program set in Deadwood in Earth's Ancient West. In the context of the program Meyers, or "Ms. Annie", was the proprietor of the Gold Strike Saloon and the potential paramour of the program's main participant.

In 2369, Worf participated in the program with his son Alexander, acting the part of sheriff and becoming the object of Ms. Annie's affections. Worf's taciturn manner, however, proved an obstacle for the character as he refused her offer to cook him a splendid dinner. His refusal led her to suspect he was involved with another woman, and to spurn him when he sought information on Alexander's abduction.

Annie could not keep herself from Worf and agreed to help him by talking Newsome out of his telegraph machine so that Worf could use its parts. In return for her efforts, Worf favored her with a kind remark and noted that he was in her debt. This token appreciation seemed to satisfy Annie and she again began her pursuit of Worf.

The character briefly took on the appearance and characteristics of Data near the end of the program. The situation proved awkward as though her appearance and attributes were altered, her desire for Worf was not. The Klingon soon found himself fending off her advances while dealing with the uncomfortable situation of her appearance as Data. (TNG: "A Fistful of Datas")

Annie Meyers was played by Joy Garrett and Brent Spiner.
Her last name comes from the final draft script. The first draft script calls her Annie MacRay.
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