The Annual Voyager Science Fair was an event held aboard the Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager. In 2376, the first Annual Voyager Science Fair took place in the starship's mess hall, where officers could help themselves to food and drink. Five participants presented four exhibits at the ceremony. (VOY: "Child's Play")

It is unknown whether any other Annual Voyager Science Fairs were held after the initial event.

Exhibits in the 1st Annual Voyager Science Fair Edit

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  • A luminescent Tairenian ant colony - Mezoti presented a transparent box containing a colony of insects. A fluorescent enzyme was produced by the Teirenian ant drones and activated by their queen. Mezoti also infused the soil with a blue ion dye so the insects would be easier to see.
  • A model of Ktaris - Naomi Wildman programmed a model of the planet Ktaris, homeworld to the Ktarian species. When activated, the model displayed the atmospheric conditions typical of the planet's atmosphere. In particular, a massive storm system was programmed over the Arpasian Range, which is known for high winds and hail.
  • A high-resolution gravimetric sensor array - Icheb designed an impressive sensor array which could be used to help Voyager detect the neutrino flux associated with wormholes. The gravimetric sensor array even had the potential of reducing the time that Voyager would take return to the planet Earth.

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