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Antarean brandy

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[[File:Antarean brandy.jpg|thumb|Antarean brandy]]
A blue beverage. ([[TOS]]: "[[Is There in Truth No Beauty?]]")
{{Disambiguation|similar-sounding terms|Antarean (disambiguation)|Antarean}}
'''Antarean brandy''' was a blue [[alcohol]]ic [[beverage]] served aboard the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}}.
{{Captain}} [[James T. Kirk]] had the beverage served at a formal dinner held in honor of [[Doctor]] [[Miranda Jones]] in [[2268]]. When he offered her more, she was not listening to him, too focused on the sense that someone nearby was thinking of [[murder]]. ({{TOS|Is There in Truth No Beauty?}})
[[de:Antareanischer Brandy]]
[[Category:Alcoholic beverages]]
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