An anti-inflammatory was a type of drug that reduced inflammation.

In 2368, Doctor Beverly Crusher gave Soren something to reduce the inflammation caused by a concussion the J'naii pilot had suffered. (TNG: "The Outcast")

In 2374, Tuvok suggested that Neelix ask The Doctor for an anti-inflammatory in lieu of multiple pillows, without which the Talaxian claimed he had terrible neck pains. (VOY: "Demon")

In the writers' second draft script of ENT: "Breaking the Ice", Doctor Phlox used an anti-inflammatory gel to treat a bruise on Trip Tucker's cheek. The script's stage directions described it as having a "greenish" coloration and a "cool" temperature. Phlox retrieved a small see-through container of the gel from a cold storage unit in Enterprise NX-01's sickbay, then applied it to Tucker's bruise.

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