Alternate timeline
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USS Enterprise-D, past, present and future

All three Enterprises in the anomaly

The anti-time past was an alternate version of 2363 and 2364 created as the result of a paradox involving an anti-time eruption formed in the Devron system in an unknown future year.

In this timeline, Jean-Luc Picard disobeyed Starfleet orders virtually from the moment he arrived on board the USS Enterprise-D at Earth Station McKinley, ordering the ship to red alert upon disembarking from the shuttlecraft Galileo and setting a course to Farpoint Station rather than proceeding to the Devron system, per Starfleet's orders. Upon meeting with Q, Picard took the Enterprise to the Devron system after informing Commander William T. Riker that the Enterprise would not be picking him, Dr. Beverly Crusher and Lieutenant Geordi La Forge up at Farpoint as planned. Using an inverse tachyon pulse to scan the anomaly and thanks to the intervention of Q, Picard elected to take the Enterprise into the anomaly itself and initiate a static warp shell to seal the anomaly and prevent it from continuing to travel backwards in time where it would eventually disrupt the beginnings of life on Earth. Within the anomaly, the Enterprise was ultimately destroyed due to a loss of the warp containment system. However, due to the efforts of the Enterprise and its two-historically later versions of itself, the anomaly was sealed and history was restored. This prevented this timeline from coming into existence in the first place. Despite this, Picard retained his memories of it. (TNG: "All Good Things...")

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