Antonia was a love interest of Starfleet captain James T. Kirk, whom he met in 2282 while horseback riding near his uncle's farm in Idaho. They lived together in a cabin near the mountains. Despite having fallen in love with Antonia, Kirk ultimately chose to break off the relationship in 2284, choosing instead to return to his career in Starfleet. While planning to announce his decision, he prepared a breakfast of scrambled Ktarian eggs with dill weed to soften the blow.

In 2293, upon being pulled into an extra-dimensional realm known as "the Nexus," Kirk experienced a reality in which he was given a chance to change history, and chose to propose marriage to Antonia instead of leaving her. Later, he relived the day on which he initially met Antonia. Although these experiences initially led Kirk to choose to remain in the Nexus, seeing it as his opportunity to correct the mistakes of his past, he ultimately chose to leave upon realizing that the events he was experiencing were not, in fact, real, but rather an elaborate illusion. (Star Trek Generations)

Lynn Salvatori

Stunt actress Lynn Salvatori as Antonia

Antonia was played by stunt actress Lynn Salvatori.
The character was initially discussed as being Carol Marcus, though this was changed at Paramount's instruction. (audio commentary, Star Trek Generations (Special Edition) DVD)
In the novel Crucible: Kirk - The Star to Every Wandering, Antonia's last name is given as Salvatori, named after the stuntwoman who briefly portrayed her in the film.

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