The natives of Antos were a people indigenous to the planet Antos IV, that were, according to Spock, "famous for their benevolence and peaceful pursuits."

During the mid-23rd century, following a horrific accident that left Garth of Izar maimed and dying, the people of Antos used their techniques of cellular metamorphosis to restore the destroyed parts of his body. Garth later learned the technique on his own and could recreate himself into the form of anyone he wished.

As gratitude for restoring his life, Garth offered them the galaxy. They rejected his offer, and in turn he condemned them to death. Garth later returned to Antos with a starship in an attempt to destroy the entire Antos race, but his crew mutinied, and he was eventually imprisoned on Elba II. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy")

This unnamed species was only mentioned in dialogue.

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