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Anya was an allasomorph who was the governess and legal guardian of Salia, the future head of state of planet Daled IV. She was of a ruthless and pragmatic nature, believing it perfectly justifiable to kill a problem individual rather than negotiate.

Anya came from the third moon of that planet. When with Humans, she typically opted for the form of an elderly woman, but occasionally changed her appearance as the situation dictated. When Salia's parents were killed in the ongoing war, Anya and Salia were transported by the Federation to the neutral planet Klavdia III where she raised the young dauphin.

When it was time for them to return to their homeworld, the two traveled aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2365. She was intensely concerned with the safety of her young charge, and attempted to restrict repairs initiated by Lieutenant La Forge, as well as requesting the death of Crewman Hennesey aboard the Enterprise-D because of his contagious disease. When the request was not met, Anya became a raging monster intent on murdering the patient herself. Security had to restrain her. To dissuade Wesley Crusher from pursuing Salia as a romantic interest, she transformed into a fierce creature.

When the Enterprise-D reached Daled IV, Anya was able to leave Salia and return to her home. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

Mariner's dauphin

A creature identified by Mariner as a "dauphin"

In 2380, Ensign Beckett Mariner had a photograph in her conspiracy board that featured an image depicting one of Anya's forms taken aboard the Enterprise-D, which she referred to as a "dauphin". (LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow")

According to the script, Anya's name was pronounced as "ON-ya". [1]

In her regular form, Anya was played by Paddi Edwards. As a teenage girl, Anya was played by Mädchen Amick. As a furry animal, Anya was played by Cindy Sorensen, and as a large creature, Anya was played by stuntman Alex Daniels, who received no credit for his performance.

The costume worn by Amick as the teenage girl was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay, although it either lost its color or had been altered to be tan. [2] Paddi Edwards' costume was also sold off. [3]

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