Apollo's Temple on Pollux IV

Apollo's Temple, a structure similar to ancient Greek designs, was part of the landscape of Pollux IV.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise entered the Beta Geminorum system on a surveying mission. On approach to Pollux IV, they encountered Apollo, when that being seized the ship in a powerful force field contrived to resemble an an enormous hand. Circumstances required Kirk and a small landing party to beam to the surface of Pollux IV, where they discovered a lush landscape and the temple.

Apollo's temple under attack, remastered

Apollo's Temple under attack

In the course of dealing with Apollo's various displays of power and temper, Spock (aboard ship) and the landing party discovered that Apollo tapped an external energy source to perform his feats, and channeled this through an extra organ in his chest that apparently acted as some form of organic transformer, storing the energy and making it available to be shaped by his will. The source of this energy initially proved elusive, but Sulu's diligent sensor analysis eventually isolated the temple as its point of origin. Concurrently, Spock and the Enterprise crew had devised a way to pierce Apollo's hand-shaped force field. Shooting through these holes, they destroyed the temple, eliminating Apollo's power and ending his threat.

Heartbroken, Apollo joined his ancient comrades in oblivion. (TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais?")