Aradar was a male Kelpien who lived during the mid-23rd century. He was the father of Saru and Siranna.

As a priest on Kaminar, Aradar held strict to his religious views of maintaining the Great Balance and fulfilling the wishes of the Watchful Eye. He would get mildly frustrated with Saru when he sought to question the reasoning behind certain held beliefs, but trusted him to fulfill his instructions – such as destroying a fragment of a Ba'ul ship that had been left behind. In fulfilling his duties, he would often lead prayers and ceremonies including the harvest.

While his religious beliefs were important to him, he was also known to play a dice game with other Kelpiens from the village, and to have meals with his children.

In 2239, a few weeks after asking Saru to dispose of a fragment of a Ba'ul ship, his children Saru and Siranna went out to look at the stars. After Saru sent Siranna home, unbeknownst to their father, Saru made first contact with Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou of the United Federation of Planets, leaving Kaminar with her, unlikely to return. (ST: "The Brightest Star")

Not long after Saru left Kaminar, Aradar underwent the vahar'ai and was culled from the village by the Ba'ul. After his death Siranna followed in her father's footsteps by becoming the village's priest. After learning the truth about the Great Balance, Saru described him as an unwitting collaborator enforcing the grip of the Ba'ul on the Kelpiens. (DIS: "The Sound of Thunder")

Aradar was played by actor Robert Verlaque.



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