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Arandis was a Risian woman in the 24th century United Federation of Planets. She became the chief facilitator for the Temtibi Lagoon on Risa.

In the 2360s, she was a close friend and lover of Curzon Dax for a time. Unfortunately, he died while seeking jamaharon with her in 2367.

By 2373, she had been promoted to chief facilitator. During 2373, she encountered Pascal Fullerton and his group. She disagreed with his message, but respected his right to express it, as per general policy on the planet.

A month later, she was reunited with Jadzia Dax when she visited Risa with Worf. Dax' history with Arandis created a great deal of tension between Jadzia and Worf. Dax confided in her about their relationship, and Worf mistook it for flirtation and possibly re-kindling an old relationship.

During this visit, Fullerton's group staged a demonstration, damaging some furniture. She helped clean it up, though she didn't harbor ill will, as she didn't feel the group did any permanent damage. When Worf had gone missing, however, Arandis went to find him, but, instead, she found he had helped Fullerton's group sabotage the planet's weather control system. She promptly received many complaints from the guests and oversaw many of them leaving.

Despite the experience, she invited Dax and Worf back to the planet again. (DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

Arandis was played by Vanessa Williams. Answering a question as to why Williams' character was not given a more prominent role, Ronald D. Moore stated: "The role was there before Vanessa. We had the role already written and the show was in pre-production when suddenly we learned of her interest in the show and her willingness to do the part as it was written." (AOL chat, 1997)

South African actress Suanne Braun was initially accepted for the role of Arandis before Williams committed to the role. By the time Braun arrived for her costume fitting, she was informed that Williams had expressed interest in the role the night before and had been subsequently cast. [1]

According to the script, her name was pronounced as "uh-RON-dis". [2]
"Arandis" was included as a possible name for a baby in The Complete Idiot's Guide to 30,000 Baby Names and The Complete Idiot's Guide to 40,000 Baby Names.

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