Odo as an Arbazan vulture

An Arbazan vulture was a type of raptor native to the Arbazan homeworld.

While on the Founders' homeworld, Odo morphed into an Arbazan vulture to experience what it meant to be a vulture. He later claimed to Kira Nerys that his experience as the vulture was a remarkable and stimulating experience – that for a few moments he "actually felt like what it was like to be an Arbazan vulture," as he could feel the air currents beneath his wings and the exhilaration of soaring above the treetops. (DS9: "The Search, Part II")

According to the RPG sourcebook Creatures, the Arbazon vulture inhabits the desert regions of Arbazon. It has a four-meter wingspan, a snake-like neck and a serrated beak. Arbazon vultures normally feed on carrion, but in times of famine, they hunt in packs of up to 15 birds, attacking anything they encounter.

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