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An archaeologist or archaeological expert was an individual who studied the field of archaeology. The Ullian historians Jev, Inad, and Tarmin called themselves "archaeologists of the mind". (TNG: "Violations")

The Xindi-Avians constructed their stronghold centuries before they became extinct. According to Xindi archaeologists, it was over four thousand years old. (ENT: "The Council")

Archaeologists uncovered evidence that the ancient civilizations in the Beta Portolan system were the first to succumb to flying parasites. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!")

Archaeologists discovered a Slaver stasis box on the planet Kzin in 2268. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

In 2339, Jean-Luc Picard was given an opportunity to become the foremost archaeologist of his generation by his archaeology professor, Galen. Galen foresaw Picard's achievements outstripping even his own, but rather than accept, Picard decided to reject a life of profound discovery to eventually become a starship captain. (TNG: "The Chase")

In 2366, archaeologists identified the markings on an artifact that indicated that they had located the Koinonian homeworld. Based on their findings, their culture became embroiled in a war that lasted generations, which resulted, based on archaeological evidence, in their own destruction. At the time of the dig, Marla Aster served as the ship's archaeologist aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She died during the expedition while investigating subterranean ruins. (TNG: "The Bonding")

Following their meeting on Risa in 2366, Vash asked Captain Picard if there were any openings for an archaeologist aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Captain's Holiday") After spending time in the Gamma Quadrant with Q, and then returning to Deep Space 9, she told Benjamin Sisko that "as an archaeologist, I've spent half my life sleeping in tents. To me, any bed will be a luxury." (DS9: "Q-Less")

Following the discovery of the remains of the D'Arsay civilization in 2370, Starfleet dispatched a group of archaeologists to study the archive. (TNG: "Masks")

After several visions, Benjamin Sisko was able to find the sacred city of B'hala in a matter of a few days, despite the fact that Bajoran archaeologists had been searching for it for nearly ten thousand years. (DS9: "Rapture") Later, the archaeologists excavating B'hala discovered an artifact they summoned Sisko to read that stated "Welcome Emissary." (DS9: "The Reckoning")

Bajoran archaeologists later discovered a time portal on the planet Golana, built by an extinct civilization that vanished two thousand years prior. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

The Independent Archaeologists Guild was an association of freelance archaeologists in the late 24th century. A non-profit organization, the Guild recovered precious artifacts in order to give it back to its rightful owners or donate it to museums. They purported to be committed to the peaceful pursuit of knowledge, though some regarded them as little better than artifact thieves due to their methods. They were financed by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, although this wasn't common knowledge. (LD: "Reflections", "The Stars At Night")

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