Archerite was a fictitious mineral invented as a ruse by Andorian Commander Shran, purportedly of great value to the Andorian Mining Consortium. According to Shran, "[e]ven a few kilos will pay our expenses for the next ten cycles."

Archerite was mentioned by Shran in late 2153, as he, while assisting the crew of Enterprise NX-01 in investigating a Xindi weapon prototype, attempted to pass off his warship Kumari as a mining scout searching for a rare mineral in the Calindra system – the testing area of the Xindi weapon. When questioned by the skeptical Xindi, he had to think quickly of a name for this supposed mineral. He glanced at Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer and came up with the name "Archerite". This attempted deception was not accepted, and the Xindi forced the Kumari to leave the system, though not in time to prevent it from gathering valuable technical scans of the weapon. (ENT: "Proving Ground")

While "Archerite" was a fictitious mineral in the Star Trek universe, there does exist a real-world substance with that name. [1]
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