Arkenites were a humanoid species. Members of this race served in Starfleet. Arkenites were distinguished by their three cranial lobes, pointed ears, and solid green eyes that lack an iris. They had pale skin veering toward gray or very light tan.

In 2286, an Arkenite served in Starfleet as a communications officer at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth during the crisis created by the alien Whale Probe. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)


Background information

The name of this species comes from FASA's Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update. While strictly a non-canon source, it is the only widely recognized source for names of most of the Star Trek IV aliens.

According to that source, the Arkenites were native to the planet Arken II (β). They are an aquatic race with complex sensory organs that can detect changes in temperature, pressure and magnetic fields. Arkenites were once a subject race of the Andorian Empire.

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