Series: DS9
Season: 2
Original Airdate: 1994-01-30
Production Number: 213
Year: 2370
Stardate: 47529.4
Story by: Morgan Gendel
Teleplay by: Morgan Gendel and Ira Steven Behr & James Crocker
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe

O'Brien and Bashir help to rid two races of their biological weapons, until one of the sides breaks the truce.


Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien are assigned to help dismantle the deadly biomechanical weapons of the Kellerun and T'Lani, two alien species feuding for centuries. Little did they know to what great lengths these two alien species would go to ensure that no one could ever design this technology again.

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Memorable Quotes

"It was Hell... you can see for yourself, the man never stops talking."

- Miles O'Brien, about Julian Bashir

Background Information

  • Oddly, the stardate on which this episode's events take place was in the script but omitted in the voiceover. Bashir simply says "supplemental" for the stardate, perhaps because someone was unsure whether 47529.4 would be keeping in line with prior stardates and they knew from prior experience that Trekkies/Trekkers do notice such things.

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Alterian chowder; anabolic supplements; ballerina; bar bill; biomechanical gene disrupter; blood pressure; booby trap; broad band inversion; caffeine; carrier frequency; coffee; computer log; data clip; databanks; Delon, Palis; distress signal; engineering extension courses; fail-safe device; fever; Ganges, USS; genetic bath; Harvester; hypospray; Kellerun; Kellerun assault rifle; marriage; medkit; medical complex; memorial service; muon; muon charge; muon frequencies; muon generator; muon influx; muon rays; nanobiogenic; O'Brien, Molly; Optical Data Net service access; Paris; power supply; pressure grenade; R-F oscillator; remote transport command; Runabout; spectroscopic analysis; Starfleet Medical; sterile pad; subprocessor; synchronous orbit; T'Lani III; T'Lani munitions cruiser; T'Lani Prime; T'Lani; time index; uttaberry crêpe; vegetable-based oils;

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