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Aron Eli Coleite (born 12 October 1974; age 45) is a writer and producer who in June 2016 was announced as writing the story for the pilot episode of the upcoming Star Trek television series Star Trek: Discovery along with Joe Menosky, Bryan Fuller, and Nicholas Meyer. [1] However, the aired version of the pilot, "The Vulcan Hello", did only credit Fuller for teleplay and story, alongside Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman. Coleite is credited as a Co-Executive Producer on Star Trek: Discovery.

Early in his career, Coleite worked as assistant to the producers on the drama series Party of Five (1999). Between 2004 and 2006, he wrote five episodes for the crime drama NBC series Crossing Jordan which starred Miguel Ferrer, with one episode directed by Ferrer and one by Roxann Dawson.

In 2006, Coleite joined the writing and producing team of the superhero series Heroes, starring Zachary Quinto, Greg Grunberg, Cristine Rose, and Robert Knepper and with recurring guest stars George Takei, Thomas Dekker, Malcolm McDowell, and Nichelle Nichols. He first was hired as co-producer, then worked as producer and co-executive producer and also wrote ten episodes throughout all four seasons. In 2008, he also appeared in several episodes of the documentary series Heroes Unmasked. Coleite also wrote several graphic novels for Heroes.

After he wrote The Unknown episode "Prime Cut" in 2012, Coleite worked on the short-lived action series The River in 2012. He wrote two episodes and served as co-executive producer on the series which starred Bruce Greenwood and Leslie Hope. He also worked as creator and executive producer on the pilot Trooper in 2013 which wasn't picked up for a series and as writer and consulting producer on Hostages (2013-2014, starring Billy Brown).

In addition to his work for television, Coleite wrote several Ultimate X-Men comic books for Marvel Comics. [2]

More recently, he worked as writer on the television series The Proximity Effect (2016), wrote and produced the television thriller Home (2016, with Bruce Greenwood and Benito Martinez), and will work as executive producer on the fantasy film Mortal (2017). He also wrote the script for the Warner Bros. drama The End which will be directed by Drew Barrymore and for the Lionsgate science fiction film When First We Were Gods. [3] [4]

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