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An artifact, or cultural artifact, was an object created by a culture. Artifacts were a major subject of study in archaeology.

The First Hebitian civilization on Cardassia Prime created "unimaginably beautiful artifacts" from jevonite. (TNG: "Chain Of Command, Part II")

The Kir'Shara was an ancient Vulcan artifact that contained the writings of Surak. (ENT: "Awakening")

Vulcan artifact at monastery

A Vulcan artifact

The Vulcan monastery at P'Jem housed its most valuable artifacts and relics in a reliquary beneath the building in its catacombs. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident")

Tarquin could take artifacts and telepathically read imprints from the people who made them. (ENT: "Exile")

In 2151, Commander Charles Tucker found an artifact during a lunar survey that had, in fact, been planted by Ferengi, and contained anesthetic gas. (ENT: "Acquisition")

From 2261 to 2265, Professor Robert Crater and his wife regularly shipped artifacts from the ruins on M-113. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

In 2267, Commander Spock concluded that the Taurus II anthropoids lacked a tribal culture, as their artifacts were too primitive. (TOS: "The Galileo Seven")

Later that year, scouting parties from the USS Enterprise found no artifacts on the Shore Leave Planet. (TOS: "Shore Leave")

In 2365, Captain Donald Varley of the USS Yamato acquired an artifact from Denius III depicting starfields that revealed the location of Iconia. (TNG: "Contagion")

In late 2368, workers installing seismic regulators beneath San Francisco unearthed a cavern containing several artifacts from Earth's 19th century, including glasses and a Colt .45. (TNG: "Time's Arrow")

Professor Galen once conducted a study of Kurlan artifacts, which was long completed by 2369. (TNG: "The Chase")

Vash was a purveyor of artifacts, which were not always legally obtained. In 2369, she brought back a number of artifacts from the Gamma Quadrant acquired during her travels with Q, which were subsequently auctioned aboard Deep Space 9. (TNG: "Qpid"; DS9: "Q-Less")

In 2370, Arctus Baran was hired by T'Paal to steal artifacts from numerous archaeological sites, searching for pieces of the Stone of Gol. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II")

Later that year, the D'Arsay archive created artifacts from the D'Arsay culture aboard the USS Enterprise. (TNG: "Masks")

The Cardassian Obsidian Order kept vaults of ancient artifacts. (DS9: "Second Skin")

In 2371, Quark tried to cheat Ensign Harry Kim by offering to sell him "unique artifacts". (VOY: "Caretaker")

In 2374, an ancient artifact was discovered beneath the ruins of B'hala that triggered the Reckoning. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

Annorax stored aboard the Krenim weapon ship artifacts from all the civilizations he had wiped from history. (VOY: "Year of Hell, Part II")

In 2376, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres experienced an illusion in which her shuttlecraft collided with a Klingon artifact. (VOY: "Barge of the Dead")

The Museum of Kyrian Heritage in the 31st century displayed many artifacts, including objects from the USS Voyager from the 24th century. (VOY: "Living Witness")

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