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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

Overwhelmed by Asencia's mysteriously advanced weaponry, the Protostar and Voyager crews take a series of calculated risks that endanger the cadets.



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Memorable quotes[]

"Nice shooting, Murf."
"Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew."

-- Chakotay and Murf, as Murf mans the ship's phasers

"Chakotay, I said hold back, but I'm glad you defied my orders for once."
"For once?"

Janeway and Chakotay, after the Protostar comes to the rescue

"I don't understand -- no sign of radiation poisoning. If anything, he seems to be dying of--"
"Old age. Congratulations, Commander Tysess. You now have seniority."

-- The Doctor and Noum, about Tysess' condition

"The drones appear to anticipate every Starfleet flight pattern."
"It's like they read the manual. I haven't even read the manual!"

-- Maj'el and Dal, as Nova Squadron fights the Vau N'Akat drones

"Today was a trial by fire, and we nearly lost everything. Despite our injuries, your unified efforts ensured our survival. There was no single hero or savior. Instead, we were carried by many smaller acts of bravery, as we fought for each other. Asencia's placed us on the path to war. Admiral Jellico has requested a presence at Solum. Voyager and the Protostar are the closest ships. Begin repairs because we won't be going home. Our mission isn't over yet."

-- Janeway to the gathered crew

"Nice speech. It seems everyone took comfort from it, except you."
"After what I've seen today, I worry what the future brings."
"Nothing stays the same forever."

-- Chakotay and Janeway

"What's the matter? Not the ending you were hoping for?"
"That was quite the trick, showing one outcome and hiding others in your mind. But sadly for you, I learned more than you realize. Not a single ship came to their aid. Starfleet's just spread too thin. And entirely unprepared for what comes next."

-- Wesley and Asencia

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auto-targeting; Boothby Supernova; Bribble; cane; Cerberusian gene therapy; chronometric distortion; chromometric energy; Drednok; Incursor; logic; manual; Medusan; Nova Flyer, Mark II; Nova Squadron; Osavan; Rev-1; Rev-1 drones; sling; Solum; Starfleet Command; temporal radiation; tractor beam; Yeager loop

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