Askara was a titular term used by the Kazon.

Culluh complained that Seska contradicted him in front of the senior askara, adding, "My own woman disputing her maje in front of others."

Culluh himself planned for the child, that Seska allegedly had with Chakotay's DNA sired and that he accepted it as his own because, according to Seska, the child was the result of Chakotay taking advantage of her, as her commanding officer. Culluh intended to train the boy a Nistrim askara, adding that he had already helped the Nistrim the "greatest battle in our history," the capture of USS Voyager. (VOY: "Basics, Part I")

According to the Star Trek: Voyager Companion (p. 117), "The word askara goes undefined, but it can be assumed that it is some form of leader."
Outside of dialog, the term askara (pronounced "ahs-KAH-ruh") was used seven other times in the script notes from "Basics, Part I", namely to indicate any of the members of the Kazon boarding party who answered to Culluh; "Kazon #1" was twice noted as being an askara in the script, as were the two members of the search party and one of guards in the cargo bay. With this reasoning, the would indicate a soldier, crewman or officer, whereas "the senior askara" would indicate senior officers.
The term appeared four additional times in "Basics, Part II" script notes, again generically describing any of the Kazon NDs.
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