Asmodeus, known to Humanity as "he who sees all," was a Megan specialist who lived on Megas-Tu, and specialized in the ethics of magic.

In 2269, Asmodeus was appointed as the prosecutor in the case against the crew of the USS Enterprise, who served as representatives of Humanity in a trial which charged them for the aggressions of their Human ancestors.

When addressed by James Kirk with regards to the specifics of the charges, Asmodeus recalled the history of Megans when they lived on Earth. He described how Humans attempted to first use the Megans to gain power, then sought to destroy them when the Megans refused to serve Humanity's evil intentions.

In 1691, Asmodeus, and the remaining Megans resettled in Salem, Massachusetts, however, the persecution against them followed, when the Megans accidentally began using their magic. According to Asmodeus, he, and the remaining Megans, then immersed themselves in Megan lore and revived themselves to unite their minds, reach back into their own universe, and tap enough of its power to leave Earth and return to Megas-Tu.

Following a convincing defense given by Spock and Kirk, as well as the review of Earth and Federation history, Asmodeus determined to drop the case; however, he sentenced Lucien to an eternity in limbo for betraying the Megans.

Kirk, who disagreed with the judgment, then fought against Asmodeus to save Lucien from his sentence. Asmodeus, who was impressed with Kirk's compassion to save the life of Lucien, revealed that Lucien's sentence was in fact a test to determine the genuineness of the Enterprise's historical records.

Once convinced, Asmodeus agreed to forgive Humanity for its past treatment of the Megans, and declared an open invitation for any future visits to Megas-Tu from mankind. (TAS: "The Magicks of Megas-Tu")

The voice of Asmodeus was provided by Ed Bishop. He "was delighted" to lend his voice to the portrayal of the character. "I was proud to be a small part of the Star Trek phenomenon," he remarked. (Star Trek Magazine issue 180, p. 65)

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