For the individual on Japori II, please see Dekora Assan.

Assan was a ruthless fighter pilot from the Imhotep species of the Delta Quadrant who participated in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally in 2377 which the Delta Flyer II also participated.

Very stern and unsociable, Assan regarded the rally not as a friendly race but as a battle. His tactics to ensure victory included "scraping," grazing the shields of competitors to damage their starships or send them off-course. Beyond that, though, Assan was not a party to acts of sabotage by extremists that nearly ruined the event as a symbol of the new peace. But those acts caused his two fiercest rivals, the Delta Flyer and the Terrellian Irina's ship, to drop out of the race, allowing him to easily cross the finish line in first place. (VOY: "Drive")

Assan was played by Patrick Kilpatrick.
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