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Picard and the crew travel back to 2024 Los Angeles in search of the "Watcher," who can help them identify the point at which time diverged. Seven, Raffi, and Rios venture out into an unfamiliar world four hundred years in their past, while Picard and Jurati attempt to gather information from an unlikely, and dangerous, ally.



The Confederation magistrate orders the crew of the rogue CSS La Sirena to drop their phasers. Reluctantly, Picard and Rios, the only ones still armed, do so, throwing them to the deck. Musiker moves to help the wounded Elnor, but the magistrate trains his weapon on her, repeating the Confederation's maxim of "a safe galaxy is a Human galaxy" and asking why they showed concern for a Romulan, especially after what he did to the magistrate's security team. Seven of Nine, still attempting to assert herself as the Confederation's president in this timeline, tells the magistrate and his forces to stand down, as it was a classified operation; the magistrate is not convinced, having begun to see that she was not "his Annika". Meanwhile, Dr. Jurati, still near La Sirena's engines, continues to hook the Borg Queen to the ship's systems. The magistrate challenges Seven to tell him what his full name is, if she was who she claimed to be. When she is unable to answer, Seven, Musiker, and Rios engage in hand-to-hand combat and disarm the magistrate and his security team, vaporizing the group with their own weapons. Picard and Musiker then tend to Elnor, who apologizes that he could not help them. Picard has Musiker take Elnor to sickbay and orders Rios to get them "out of this damned place".

In La Sirena's sickbay, Seven tears open Elnor's shirt, looking concerned at the gaping hole in his chest, while Musiker searches in vain for a medical kit. Seven points her to the dermaline pads to stop the bleeding until they could stabilize him. As they work, La Sirena comes under fire from the Confederation fleet. Rios shouts that he needs more hands on the bridge for assistance, and Musiker tells Seven to go while she stays with Elnor. As Seven takes her post on the bridge, Picard asks about Elnor, and her grim look is all the answer he needs as they approach Sol. "This is the only kind of life you understand," Q says, suddenly standing next to Picard. "Shall we see what else has been lost in the wake of your fear?" When Picard makes a turn to reply, Q is gone; instead, he calls out to Jurati asking how much longer before she was done. The doctor answers that she was trying to figure out how to slingshot through a solar flare without being incinerated, and didn't want to be hurried (which, to her annoyance, Picard does anyway). Suddenly, Jurati and the Borg Queen are thrown to the deck.

Rios tells Seven to lock onto the lead ship, a Nova-class vessel, at its starboard nacelle. He waits for the proper moment, then gives the order to fire, destroying their quarry, but the other ships are still chasing them. Jurati tries to pick herself up off the deck, but to her horror sees the Queen loose from her stasis tube and crawling on her hands across the deck towards her. "Allow me," the Queen says, as she connects directly to the ship by herself. She begins calculating the temporal trajectory for the time jump, and then takes control of the ship's defense systems to neutralize threats. Rios finds himself locked out of his controls as the weapons fire on the two remaining ships, another Nova and a Steamrunner-class, and destroy them. He grimly tells Picard he is no longer in command of the ship. "Move backward to go forward," the Queen intones. "Shatter to mend. The past is now." Jurati scrambles to secure herself on the bridge as the Queen takes the ship to warp right over the solar surface, accelerating rapidly, until time seems to stand still…

Act One[]

La Sirena drops out of warp, and systems begin to come back online. Picard asks if they were successful, but Jurati is uncertain, as the chronometer was shot. They look for certain context clues: there was no colony on Luna, and there were signs of ozone layer depletion but no nuclear fallout on Earth itself. "Welcome to Earth of the 21st century," Jurati concludes. Suddenly the ship rocks violently, and Seven reports the navigation controls were offline. Rios realizes they were caught in Earth's gravity well. Seven attempts to activate the blast shields, but the forward ones are unresponsive. Rios, frustrated that he seemed to be locked out of his own ship, manages to regain partial nav control. Picard asks if that was enough to land, but Rios answers it would be more of a "targeted crash". Jurati protests at the idea of crash-landing in Los Angeles, one of the most heavily populated cities of the era. Rios asks if she had any better ideas, to which Picard answers that he did: give him manual control. When Rios asks where he was taking them, Picard only answers, "Home."

Picard brings the ship down in a heavily forested area, more or less intact. He asks if everyone else was alright, and all reply they were. Rios looks worriedly at his controls, as both primary and reserve power were being drained. Musiker frantically calls up for power to the sickbay, as the biobed was the only thing keeping Elnor alive. Elnor tells Musiker he was stronger than she thought. She tells him to prove it, but he admits he can't because he was busy with his organs at the moment, earning a slight chuckle. Musiker asks Elnor if this was the first joke he has told as he then begins coughing up blood, and Musiker again calls for more power. Picard realizes the time warp drained the Queen of power, and she was siphoning it from the ship to save her own life. The crew attempt to disconnect her from the ship's systems. Frustrated, Rios pulls his phaser, preparing to shoot the Queen, but Picard stops him, saying they needed her alive.

Elnor asks Musiker to take the medallion he received from the nuns of the Qowat Milat from his pocket, as it gave him comfort to know that even in the altered timeline he still earned it. Musiker reads the Romulan inscription, "Sem n'hak kon", which Elnor translates as "Now is the only moment," before he finally dies.

Picard and the crew watch sadly as Musiker places Elnor's body in the ship's morgue. "If we fail here, we fail Elnor," Picard says, ""and everyone in our homeworld." Therefore, though he knows it was against every impulse they felt inside, they had to press on and mend the timeline. Seven bluntly tells him that he should have let Rios kill the Queen, but Picard knows the Queen is their only link to the fissure in time, and they were helpless until she was revived. Musiker is incredulous, asking if Picard wanted to wait around and nurse the Queen back to life. She tells him that he feels intense, sharp, disappointment in leadership. Putting aside the fact they were putting the Queen over Elnor, Musiker asks why history was changed, before answering that it was because of Q. She points out how Q and Picard had "jousted" for decades, how they "screw around with people's lives for sport". Picard denies doing so himself, but agrees that this is what Q does. He reminds them that the Queen mentioned a "Watcher" waiting for them in Los Angeles who could help them restore time. Rios asks if that will undo the "nightmare" of the Confederation, and Musiker asks if restoring time would bring Elnor back. Jurati says it is impossible to determine if they were existing outside of a temporal causality loop, but Musiker bluntly asks her again: if they restore time, will it bring Elnor back? The doctor is forced to admit she doesn't know. Musiker, however, is convinced it will, and does not intend to wait around for the Queen: she intends to go find the Watcher herself, and storms off.

Picard can see Musiker is too emotionally invested, and both Seven and Rios elect to go with her. Jurati warns him to leave his phaser behind, since if he lost it in the past, Q would not be the only one causing changes in time. She is adamant that none of them draw any attention to themselves, whether it be in a hospital, a security checkpoint, or any kind of authority that can find their advanced technology. While the others began the search for the Watcher, Picard and Jurati would stay with the ship and try to revive the Queen. Seven questions whether Picard is prepared to do that, and he answers that the Queen was the only one who knew about the Watcher, and perhaps where to find it. Rios recaps the situation: they would try and revive a Borg Queen who could kill them all, beam from a ship with no power, and find a Watcher that may or may not exist. Picard confirms that was essentially it, and has them all go to work.

Jurati runs scans of the Queen, and concludes that she was in there somewhere, showing Picard her communication center: she was trying to talk, but couldn't find a way to speak. Picard recalls that when he had been Locutus, the Borg rarely spoke audibly, but a thought would be shared instantly with the entire hive. Jurati realizes that she is talking, but because no one is connected to her, no one can hear her. She attempts to draw from the environmental controls to bring the Queen out of her recovery mode, and asks Picard if he had access to the Queen as part of the Collective. Picard admits he had an intense euphoria, but no sense of self. Jurati theorizes that as Locutus, Picard could fix her from inside, but he shuts that down: total assimilation took hours for a newcomer, but she would know his mind, as he had been assimilated himself, and she would take control of him in seconds. Jurati then volunteers herself, as the Queen did not know her. Picard refuses to allow it, but Jurati insists that she had to get in and restore power to both the Queen and La Sirena, and reminds him that he'd told them their efforts would fail without her. Picard again refuses.

On the bridge, Seven has rerouted power from life support to the transporters, but at the moment they were "sub-computational", to which Rios adds that the technical term was "for shit". Still, it would be enough for a one-way trip. Musiker, in her grief for Elnor, bitterly comments that they could have used that power sooner. Rios notes the rotational computation would be off, so they could land near each other; Musiker brusquely says they would leave in ten. Seven tries to get her to slow down, as they had no idea where they had to go, but Musiker has done some digging and pointed out the Markridge Industrial Tower, the tallest building in Los Angeles at that time, as an ideal place to scan for alien activity. Seven shares a worried look with Rios as Musiker storms off.

The team looks for clothing that would work in that time period. Rios has chosen his outfit, asking Seven if he still looks like a "fascist bastard"; she agrees he no longer looks fascist, at least. As Rios leaves to check the transporter, Seven looks at her face in the mirror again, still thinking about her missing Borg implants. Musiker then enters, handing Seven a combadge prepared by Jurati to beam them back. Seven tries to talk to her about Elnor, but Musiker talks over her, finally saying that she wanted to focus on fixing the timeline rather than how it felt to watch Elnor die.

Jurati approaches Picard again and tries to convince him it would only be a "partial assimilation". "Halfway to Hell is still not a recommended destination," he replies, but Jurati is convinced it will work with Picard's help; her conscious mind would be fixing the Queen, while her subconscious – the parts the Borg had no use for – would remain behind with him. As long as those things remained separate, Jurati would remain herself. Picard could monitor her progress, and once she reached one hundred percent, he would disconnect her. Picard warns that the longer Jurati was inside the Queen's mind, the stronger the Queen would become. If anything went wrong, Jurati insists, he could just pull the tubule out and shut down the whole process. Picard asks how he would know, and Jurati replies that her subconscious would be active the entire time, so he would be the first to know, along with memories of how she missed her first grade school cat. Picard reluctantly agrees.

As Musiker, Seven, and Rios stand on the transporter, Picard wishes them luck, before reminding them that they were there to find the Watcher, not interfere with time; all their choices had consequences. Picard beams them away, leaving him and Jurati with the Queen. Now it was Jurati's turn, as she sits down next to the Queen; Picard attaches an assimilation tubule to her neck, and Jurati goes almost comatose. Sitting across from her, Picard looks down at the neural readings, as the doctor slowly begins her work.

Meanwhile, the team arrives in Los Angeles, finding themselves separated. Musiker materializes in a back alleyway, gets her bearings, and gets on her way. Seven appears right next to a young child, who asks if she was a superhero; smiling, Seven asks if she could keep a secret. She winks at the child and walks away. Rios gets the worst of it, materializing three stories up, unable to grab the fire escape to break his fall before he hits the sidewalk, falling unconscious with blood pouring out of his mouth.

Act Two[]

Rios is taken to a medical facility for treatment, despite his protests against being taken to an emergency room or to the police. As he is dragged semi-conscious inside, his combadge drops to the floor, where it is picked up by a young boy.

Meanwhile, Musiker finds herself in a Sanctuary District, seeing an advertisement for a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, when a man holds her at gunpoint demanding her money. She swiftly disarms and knocks out the thief, taking his own money in the process. Seven finds her there, commenting on how they had barely arrived and Musiker was already making friends. Musiker points out that the thief started it, and wonders how a society with so many contradictions didn't collapse sooner. She notes how relaxed Seven looks and asks about it; Seven doesn't answer, instead saying they should find Rios. She had been able to track Musiker's combadge, but had not been able to find Rios'. Musiker thinks he is on his way, and doesn't plan to wait for Picard to wake "her Highness".

Back on La Sirena, Picard asks if Jurati is still there. Jurati answers in an almost childlike voice, commenting about the "warm feelings", about how she wanted to disobey him out of spite, but only because she wishes he was her father. Despite himself, Picard is amused, seeing they were "diving into the deep end". The Queen is making her way through Jurati's mind, but Picard assures her she can push back. Jurati says she can feel the Queen "peering through doorways", and can hear the mental 'rattling' of their doorknobs. As Jurati sought out the Queen's control center, the Queen was accessing Jurati's emotions: humor (implied by the doctor to be a defense mechanism), anger, and sadness, which she expresses aloud. The last particularly gets to her, seeing it as too much, too heavy… and then a thought occurs to her: perhaps she could just stop trying. Picard looks down, seeing the neural network functionality was nearly at eighty percent. Jurati begins to realize she was losing control of herself, the Queen was no longer observing… and then she speaks with the Queen's voice, addressing Picard as "Locutus", remarking on how she had not encountered someone with Jurati's sense of longing in a long time. Suddenly, the Queen begins to speak with Jurati's voice, saying that she was almost through. But Picard can see she is losing herself, and finally disconnects Jurati from the Queen. The doctor goes unconscious, and the lights go out.

Act Three[]

In Los Angeles, Musiker and Seven arrive at Markridge Tower, and begin to climb its heights; the higher they go, the better signal they can get. However, they are stopped by a security guard, who tells them they were not allowed up there, as it was not open to the public. Seven explains that she and her girlfriend were looking to take a picture, and mentions a "colleague" of the guard's, tall and round, whom the guard identifies as "Kevin". Seven goes on, saying that Kevin let them up there on their first date for a picture, and then wanted to take another because they had just got engaged. The guard gives in, telling them to make it fast. As the guard leaves, Seven is surprised; most strangers don't tend to like her.

Meanwhile, Rios is being attended by a young doctor named Teresa Ramirez, who runs a free clinic for those who could not afford hospitals, as well as those who wanted to avoid the authorities. He insists he's fine and should go, but when she challenges him to do so, he can't take one step before getting dizzy and she has to help him sit back down. She explains that he has suffered a concussion as well as a dislocated hand in his fall, which would impede what she thought was his career as a classical guitarist. Testing his cognition after the concussion, Teresa asks about his happiest childhood memory. Without going into too much detail, he explains that his mother worked at an academy that trained pilots, and he had snuck in when he was eight years old to try out a flight simulator until the alarms went off. He had thought he had broken it, but it turned out he had actually broken the flight records for any cadet at that academy. His storytelling comes to an end when Teresa suddenly relocates the fingers in his hand (as getting him talking was actually a distraction method) before telling him to rest; she was having his "weird clothes" washed, admonishing him not to bleed on her scrubs. After Teresa leaves, Rios' hand goes to his combadge, only for him to realize it was not there.

Atop Markridge Tower, Seven remarks that the future they had seen was already beginning, as she looks out at a wildfire burning in the Hollywood Hills nearby; perhaps the change had already happened. Musiker is adamant that it won't, before suddenly detecting a blip on her tricorder from somewhere near MacArthur Park, just for a moment, before it was gone. A moment later, she then detects Rios' combadge, but seeming to be "on the fritz"; Seven wonders if it was Morse code.

The source is the young boy, Ricardo, who picked it up in Teresa's free clinic and was repeatedly tapping it for the chirping sound it made. Rios, shaky on his feet, asks for it back, but Ricardo answers "finders keepers". Rios asks if his parents had ever taught him stealing was wrong. Ricardo replies his parents are dead, earning a sympathetic reaction from Rios, before the boy reveals he was lying; it was just him and his mother, his father having remarried. Ricardo asks for a trade, since if he gave it back without something in return, logically, that would be considered stealing. Calling him a "little Vulcan", Rios spots a plate of cookies atop a nearby refrigerator, and marvels at the taste of real peanut butter; he offers Ricardo the plate for the badge. Teresa intervenes, telling Ricardo in Spanish to get his jacket and go outside, as his aunt was waiting for him. Rios realizes that Ricardo is Teresa's son. "Forget the guitar, you're a genius," Teresa sarcastically confirms, before telling Ricardo in Spanish to finish his homework or he couldn't watch Rick and Morty. Ricardo protests in the same language that he only wanted one cookie and did not see the big deal. Rios observes that Ricardo is a fighter, and Teresa agrees, not sure where he got it from. He looks at her for a moment, and when she asks, he says he was trying to figure out where he got it from, being a "genius" after all. He asks for the badge back, but Teresa tells him to put his shirt on first, keeping the badge up front so she made sure he wouldn't steal anything. Rios concedes that was fair enough.

Meanwhile, aboard La Sirena, Picard gently puts a blanket over the unconscious Jurati, as the Queen regains consciousness. "Hello, Locutus," she greets him.

Act Four[]

The Queen remarks that she had the "strangest dream", and that her "little companion" Jurati was in it. Picard notes that the Queen is far more lucid that she had been before, and the Queen confirms that her "clarity of vision" has been restored now that they've arrived before the divergence. Picard reminds her of what she had said about the Watcher. The Queen, playing coy, tells "Locutus" that if he wanted to access her innermost thoughts, he had to put something on the table, something it would hurt him to lose. Picard replies that they lost Elnor, someone dear to them, because of her. The Queen asks if this was how he negotiated. When Picard asks what she wants, the Queen replies she wants legs eventually, as well as a chorus of thoughts to break the silence… but for starters, she would settle for taking the ship.

In Teresa's clinic, Rios is dressed and ready to go, checking in with Teresa and her nurse, Gabi, when police sirens sound outside. Teresa explains it was a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and has Rios help take some of her patients out the back door to escape.

The Queen calls it a "simple exchange": the ship for the location of the Watcher. Picard refuses, to which the Queen asks if he would sacrifice the future of countless others for his own. Jurati regains consciousness, and Picard tells her that her plan worked: the ship is back on line… as is the Queen, which he considers "same leopard, same spots". Jurati thinks they no longer need the Queen active now, and Picard wholeheartedly agrees. The Queen scoffs, dismissing the "idle Human threats", knowing that they wouldn't deactivate her because of their tendency to hope in the face of hopelessness. She has information they need, they hope she'll relent and give it to them, and each passing second increases the probability of her taking the ship anyway. In the end, she concludes, they'll sacrifice their lives for the future of the many. "So, in the interests of efficiency, shall we just fast forward?" Jurati asks exactly what information she holds; the Queen responds that she holds the location of the Watcher, and the exact time the divergence occurs. Rising to her feet, Jurati asks if she is sure about that. Accessing her memory, the Queen realizes something is missing, and demands to know what Jurati has done. Jurati asks the computer to dictate a file labeled "Shit I Stole from the Borg Queen"… which plays a set of coordinates for the location of the Watcher. Jurati is also sure the exact moment of the divergence will also come to her mind in time. The Queen, venom lacing her tone, warns Jurati that she has done something more difficult and vastly more dangerous than she realized: She's managed to impress her. Picard thinks Jurati needs to be as far away from the Queen as possible; Jurati insists she knew more, but Picard assures her they will find out in due time.

At Teresa's clinic, Rios watches anxiously as the ICE officers interrogate Teresa. Alvarez, one of the patients in a wheelchair, urges him in Spanish to flee. Rios, however, is concerned for Teresa, and tells the other man to go as fast as he can; he would remain to help Teresa. Disguising himself as a doctor, he tries to bring Teresa to the back to help a supposed 13-year-old child with a compound fracture of his leg. The ICE officer sees the bandages on Rios' hands, realizing he's a patient, and arrests them both for obstruction of justice. Teresa wonders if what Rios was doing was brave or stupid; guessing that Rios had no ID or UHC card, the ICE officer goes with "stupid". As the ICE officers take them away, Rios hears his combadge chirp on the desk; Picard is repeatedly trying to make contact, but Rios is unable to answer him.

Memorable quotes[]

"If we fail here, we fail Elnor and everyone on our homeworld."

- Picard after the death of Elnor during La Sirena's arrival in 2024

"So, to be clear, wake a queen who could kill us all, beam from a ship with no power, and find a Watcher who may or may not exist."
"That's it, Rios. Let's go to work."
"Yes, sir."

- Rios and Picard

"I finally managed to reroute power from life support to the transporters but at the moment, they're sub-computational."
"I believe the technical term is "for shit"."

- Seven of Nine and Rios

"It's only a partial assimilation."
"Halfway to Hell is still not a recommended destination!"

- Jurati to Picard on her idea to connect to the Borg Queen

"Whoa! Are you a superhero?"
"Can you keep my secret?"

- A little girl witnesses Seven of Nine beaming into 2024 Los Angeles

"Computer, dictate the file logged "Shit I Stole From The Borg Queen"."

- Jurati

"What you have just done here is more difficult, and vastly more dangerous than you realise."
"And what is that?"
"You've impressed me."

- the Borg Queen and Jurati

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  • Jeri Ryan later reflected on how filming the Markridge Tower scene was a challenge: "That was one of the more challenging scenes, honestly, because I was trying to find the line, it's supposed to be a playful scene, but it's a leap for Seven. So you know, I tried to walk that fine line without making it just so camp that it's ridiculous. It was a relief when I actually watched the finished product, because I think it was good." [2]

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Dougherty, CSS; Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate; La Sirena, CSS; Leyton, CSS; Nova-class; Quinn, CSS; Steamrunner-class

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