An astrophysicist was a scientist who specialized in the field of astrophysics, which combines elements of physics and astronomy.

List of astrophysicists

  • Dr. Paul Stubbs was a Human astrophysicist of great esteem. He invested himself with a near-fanatic preoccupation for 20 years designing a probe to monitor the periodic explosion of a neutron star in the Kavis Alpha system. The cycle of the star's explosion was 196 years, which afforded him only one chance to observe it. His study, which in 2366 the Enterprise-D was assigned to facilitate, nearly ended in failure: one of Wesley Crusher's science experiments accidentally created sentient nanites, who jeopardized the ship by interfering with its systems and caused it to come precipitously close to the exploding star. When Captain Picard chose to place the welfare of his ship, crew, and even the nanites ahead of the probe's launch, Dr. Stubbs became belligerent and tried to kill the nanites and force the launch. His devotion to astrophysics in general, and to this event in particular, was so great that he would rather endanger his life – and the lives aboard the Enterprise – to complete his study. He later repented and gained the cooperation of the nanites, which allowed him to launch the probe and collect the data, sealing both his renown as an astrophysicist as well as providing providing him a cathartic end to his obsessive study preparation. (TNG: "Evolution").
  • Dr. Vatm, was a prominent Nezu astrophysicist, whom the Voyager crew encountered in 2373, a critical time in his people's history. His research had revealed seemingly wayward asteroids that were colliding with a Nezu colony were, in fact, artificial and the vanguard of an Etanian Order invasion force. Despite the betrayal of his erstwhile colleague Sklar, he, aided by Voyager (and in particular, Lieutenant Tuvok and Neelix), managed to preserve his research and save the colony. Dr. Vatm died in the ensuing struggle. (VOY: "Rise")

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