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At the edge of Federation space, the crew applies for asylum at a comm relay outpost, only for their starship to reveal its shocking true purpose.


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Act One[]

Gwyn, Dal, and Jankom Pog try to save one of the last members of an endangered species, known as the aquathawn, from hunters. Dal reasons that when they present themselves to Starfleet, they can be more than just kids who stole a starship. They'll have their deeds to commend them.

"Captain's log, 61209.5. It's been weeks since leaving Tars Lamora for good. Saving the Unwanted from the Diviner is something we'll always remember. Except Gwyn. After catching a reflection of Zero's true form, her memories are still a blur. Since then, we've been racking up good deeds, hoping Starfleet will look past the fact that we kinda stole their ship. And who knows? If they're as great as Janeway makes them out to be, maybe they'll accept a bunch of kids who don't know where they're going, which would be good to know, since we're just now approaching the closest Federation comm relay station in hopes they'll take us in. Suddenly, that dream of finding a place where we all can be accepted is actually becoming real. Even I'm starting to believe."

Gwyn, though, is still having flashbacks to that last conversation with her father and becomes distracted. They end up inside the creature they're trying to save. Luckily, Zero beams them up to the USS Protostar, and they’re able to find a new home for the aquatic animal. Gwyn and Zero discuss her strange flashback – her father telling Gwyn that the Protostar is a weapon – but they still can't make sense of it because Gwyn’s memories are in shambles.

The crew comes across a Federation communications relay outpost CR-721, located on the furthest reaches of Federation space. They board the station and are greeted by its sole occupant, Lieutenant Junior Grade Barniss Frex. The group explain their situation and requests asylum as well as wishing to join Starfleet. Frex then conducts biometric scan on each of them in order to register their request. As expected, Gwyn's species is unknown, however, Dal is surprised to learn that his species is on record. However, the information is classified, and Dal is directed to go to Starfleet Command.

Act Two[]

Kathryn Janeway, 2384

Janeway resolves to find Chakotay

Aboard the USS Dauntless, Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway watches a holographic recreation of her goodbye to Chakotay when he departed for the Delta Quadrant on the holodeck. Commander Tysess then enters to inform Janeway that Ensign Asencia has tracked the Protostar's warp signature to a planetoid in the Carina Nebula. Please with good news, Janeway tells Tysess to have Asencia set a course. As she leaves the holodeck, Janeway looks back at Chakotay and says that if he's out there, she'll find him.

Meanwhile, as the Protostar crew explore the outpost, Zero takes Gwyn to sickbay hoping to find a way to retrieve her memories. At the same time, Frex uplinks the station with the Protostar. Suddenly, the station goes to red alert.

Thanks to the Diviner's weapon, the station’s systems turn against itself, with multiple systems malfunctioning. Alone in sickbay, since Zero stepped out and was unable to get back in, Gwyn's biobed pins her down and starts filling with water. Thankfully, after some glimpses of memory, Gwyn is able to cut herself loose using her heirloom.

As the station descends into chaos all around them, the crew make it the outpost's lone escape pod, only to find that Frex has beaten them to it. Frex accuses the crew of sabotage and departs alone, leaving the crew stranded. Dal declares that their only way of survival is to don environmental suits and jump from the station to the Protostar.

Act Three[]

However, the jump has to be timed precisely, otherwise they'll miss the ship and float in space forever. Initially unsure of herself, Rok correctly calculates the jump and they end up close enough for Hologram Janeway to grab them with a tractor beam. Back on the ship, Gwyn announces that her memory has returned.

Meanwhile, the Dauntless arrives at Tars Lamora and Janeway beams down with Tysess, Asencia and Dr. Noum in EV suits. Seeing the battle-torn remains, Janeway wondered what the Protostar was doing in such a place. Noum then says he's detected a lifeform, but the signature is faint. Janeway believes it may be Chakotay. She then finds the remains of Gwyn's broken combadge, when Tysess has Janeway look up to see The Diviner floating in low-gravity alive but in a form of stasis. Unaware of who he is, Janeway says he's alive and hopes he has the answers they're looking for.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"You know, Jankom swore he'd never been eaten alive… again."

- Jankom Pog

"You know, on planet Earf, they call this cylindrical meat a hut dog. Food fit for a king."

- Jankom

"Sometimes, the hardest thing is to take a leap of faith."
"You want us to jump? I do not think that option is logically sound."
"In outer space, there is no sound."
"Your rebuttal is correct, but nonsense."

- Dal and Zero

"We're jumping?!"
"Oh, don't worry. If we miss the ship, we won't die. We'll just float forever in the infinity of space until we run out of air."
"We get it!"
"Then, we must not miss our mark."

- Rok-Tahk, Jankom and Zero

"Gwyn? Gywn! Gywn, Gywn, look at me! What is it?"
"…I remember everything."

- Zero and Gwyn

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