The Atlec vessel was a Class 7 interplanetary vessel used by the Atlec government in the mid 24th century.

Vessels of this type were not nearly as advanced as Federation starships of the time, as their weapons would have had no effect.

In 2365, a vessel of this type (temporarily under the command of Debin, ruler of the Atlec people) intercepted the USS Enterprise-D and a Straleb security vessel. He demanded they give Thadiun Okona over to them for impregnating his daughter, Yanar. The misunderstanding was later settled aboard the Enterprise. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

The bridge of the Atlec vessel was mainly consisted of the redecorated battle bridge viewscreen.
In the episode's script, this vessel was described as a "medium range combat craft of the Squadron Class."
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