Atul was a Klingon Intelligence operative who lived during the late 24th century.

Atul, along with his two companions Morka and Bo'rak, arrived at Deep Space 9 in 2371 aboard a freighter, under the guise that their ship's main computer required a complete overhaul.

Shortly after their arrival, Quark complained to Miles O'Brien that the Klingons destroyed two of his holosuites. When O'Brien told him he should know better, Quark remarked that "they're paying me double." Quark, nevertheless, allowed them back into his holosuites (as they offered to pay Quark triple), while promising the station personnel he would not let them into the bar so as to avoid any confrontations with the Romulans.

Five hours later, they emerged from the holosuite and Morka expressed his desire to eat. The trio quickly spotted and confronted the Romulans after they entered the bar – this before a brawl broke out among both parties.

When their true identity was eventually discovered, Odo revealed that they were sent by Chancellor Gowron as a covert strike force, there to observe the Romulan delegation. After Sisko felt that he had enough evidence to hold the Klingons for questioning, all three were arrested.

Atul was the last of the three to be taken into the holding cell, resisting the security officers the whole way, warning for them to "Let me go!" When Odo explained that he was aware of their identity, and threatened to inform Klingon Intelligence of their failed mission. Knowing the jig was up, they backed down, leaving Odo to offer to them that "if you should suddenly feel like cooperating with us, I may be persuaded to let you go without contacting your friends in Intelligence. Maybe." (DS9: "Visionary")

Atul was portrayed by stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone.
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