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Audrey Trent is a former Hollywood foley artist who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She is related to fellow foley artists Chris and Jerry Trent. In 1994, she received an Emmy Award nomination in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Editing for a Series for the episode "Genesis", which she shared with Mace Matiosian, Ruth Adelman, Miguel Rivera, Masanobu Tomita, Guy Tsujimoto, Jeff Gersh, Gerry Sackman, and Jerry Trent. Audrey Trent also worked as foley artist on the 1996 video game Star Trek: Borg.

Audrey and Jerry Trent worked together on such films as Mr. Destiny, Guilty by Suspicion (starring Roxann Dawson), Sneakers, Bebe's Kids, and Clifford. All three Trents worked together on the films The Only Thrill, Family Plan, and She's All That.

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