Augris' homeworld was the home to Augris' species.

The planet had at least one moon and contained at least one city with a marketplace and one river. Its climate featured occasional rain and its mornings might be very cold.

According to Augris, the planet had come under attack in the past.

In the 2370s, this planet was ruled by the Mokra Order, which also claimed the space around the planet as Mokra space. The group imposed harsh military rule on the population. The Alsaurian resistance movement operated to counter this rule. Mokra facilities on the planet included a prison and a supply center. (VOY: "Resistance")

According to the call sheet, the setting should have a "grey sky".
The scenes on the surface were filmed on Paramount Stage 1 and Paramount Stage 16. identifies this planet as the "Alsaurian homeworld".
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