Augris' species were a humanoid species living on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. They had a small bone structure at the center of their bridge which they decorated with a small ring.

Controlled by the oppressive Mokra Order, the planet also featured a resistance movement, known as the Alsaurian resistance movement. The Mokra ruled without mercy, and prohibited the citizens from having communications equipment.

The USS Voyager became unwillingly involved in a conflict with the Mokra Order in 2372 while trying to acquire some supplies. They were first encountered by the Voyager when an away team was sent in search of tellerium from a trader that Neelix was familiar with on the planet.

Tuvok and B'Elanna Torres were arrested, and imprisoned by the Mokra Order, and Voyager was threatened and fired upon after Chakotay tried to locate Captain Janeway on the planet's surface.

The Mokra Order functioned as a military police state and were not above torturing their prisoners. Tuvok was subjected to torture, and despite his Vulcan ability to resist pain he was made to scream several times as a result of the intensity of the torture.

Technologically, this species were unfamiliar with transporter technology, but operated a highly advanced orbital sensor net as well as powerful phased ion cannons and hand-held weapons. (VOY: "Resistance")

The species' script featured writing based on zig-zagged lines.


Background information

The relation between the Mokra Order and their subjects was not clearly explained, but going by makeup they appear to be the same species. noted that the Mokra claimed to be "helping our Alsaurian neighbors defend themselves against common enemies", [1], while elsewhere describing the planet as the "Alsaurian homeworld" ruled by the Mokra Order dictatorship. [2]. The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 9, 307) described the Alsaurian resistance movement as existing "among the citizens of the Mokra Order", and the Mokra Order as the government of the humanoid civilization on the planet. Again, nothing was explained in the episode besides the Mokra (seemingly short for Mokra Order, though like "Alsaurian" a candidate for the true name of the species) considered the planet theirs, and the term "Alsaurian" was only used as part of the term "Alsaurian resistance movement".

The name "Alsaurian" is supported by information from the shooting call sheets, especially for day 7 - 29 September 1995 and day 8 - 2 October 1995 and the production shooting schedule, were the background performers are listed as "Alsaurians". The German reference book Das Star Trek Universum volume 4, by Ralph Sander called the planet "Mokra" and the capital city "Alsauria". (p. 401) A trading card by Rittenhouse Archives is also listing Caylem as an Alsaurian. [3]

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