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Aurellio was a Human male and a scientist for the Emerald Chain in the late 32nd century.

Aurellio used a hoverchair for locomotion. At age 10, Aurellio was dying from a disease caused by a genetic defect, which apparently caused his paralysis. In the climate of deprivation then existing in the Emerald Chain, there was little hope for his survival. However, his parents, who worked at an exchange, appealed to Osyraa directly. She took him under her wing and cultivated his talent for the sciences, earning his unquestioning loyalty.

He was serving as junior scientist during the development of the pesticide used against the sea locusts on Kwejian. However, he was apparently unaware at the time that Osyraa was extorting the Kwejian people to give up their trance worms in exchange for the pesticide or risk famine.

He had an Orion partner and had three children. He sported three piercings behind his right ear as a blessing for the arrival of each of his children, in the Orion tradition. He enjoyed listening to Andorian opera.

In 3189, he assisted Osyraa in an attempt to figure out how the displacement-activated spore hub drive worked on the USS Discovery. As part of this effort, he interrogated Paul Stamets. He believed that Stamets' tardigrade cells could be cultivated without harming Stamets. During their discussion, his confidence in Osyraa was shaken by what Stamets told him about Kwejian and about Osyraa's use of labor camps.

During the interrogation, he was shot and stunned by Michael Burnham, who secured Stamets and removed him from the ship to prevent Osyraa from being able to use the spore drive. He had been found and awakened and taken to the bridge by the time Osyraa returned from Federation Headquarters. He apologized on behalf of the crew for having been overpowered by the Discovery crew, but Osyraa did not hold him responsible, as he was simply a scientist. However, he was further unnerved when Osyraa killed a helpless Ryn in front of him. (DIS: "There Is A Tide...")

Aurellio was required to provide truth serum for the interrogation of Cleveland Booker; however, he refused to provide the neural lock to Zareh for that purpose, since as an empath, Booker would suffer far more severe pain from its use than others. At this, Osyraa began to choke him, warning him, "I am genuinely fond of you, but make no mistake, I saved you because you're useful to me; and even when that ceases to be the case, the bond we have means that you and your family can live comfortably in a location of your choosing. Break that bond again and you won't wake up next time." She choked him to unconsciousness and took the neural lock from him, using it to torture Booker.

After Discovery was retaken and the regulators removed to the Viridian, Aurellio remained on board Discovery. He informed the crew that he believed that Booker's empathic abilities would enable him to use the spore drive despite lacking Stamets' tardigrade DNA. This proved correct. Aurellio travelled with Discovery back to Federation Headquarters. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

Now in Federation service, Aurellio worked alongside Ruon Tarka in developing the next generation of the spore drive, and regularly corresponded with Stamets, as Tarka often claimed to be "too busy" to deal with Stamets himself. (DIS: "The Examples")

Aurellio was portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell.