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An author or novelist was a professional writer whose writings were published by a publisher. These writings were distributed and sold at niche and/or mass markets. An author generally had rights over their writings, but until a decision made by a Federation arbiter in 2378, holograms weren't granted these rights. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars"; VOY: "Author, Author")

Benedict de Spinoza was a 17th century author whose work was discussed by James T. Kirk and Gary Mitchell. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

D.H. Lawrence was the author of the poem Whales Weep Not!. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Tracy Torme was the author of the Dixon Hill series whose work was also adapted into various films and holonovels. (ENT: "Cogenitor"; TNG: "The Big Goodbye", "Manhunt", "The Emissary", "Clues"; Star Trek: First Contact; VOY: "Author, Author")

Todd Matthews was the author of the novel Hotel Royale. (TNG: "The Royale")

Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, and Zora Neale Hurston were authors during the 20th century and was used as examples by Benny Russell of accepted Negro writers. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

Some people had favorite authors. Both James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard favored William Shakespeare (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; TNG: "Hide and Q") while, in an alternate timeline Melanie described Jake Sisko as her "favorite author of all time". A humble Jake didn't think much of her assessment, saying, "You should read more." (DS9: "The Visitor")

In 2153, T'Pol thought a dramatic reading of Frankenstein might allow listeners to appreciate the author (Mary Shelley)'s original intent rather than watching the film version. (ENT: "Horizon")

In 2373, USS Voyager's computer disallowed all attempts to learn the authorship of the holonovel Insurrection Alpha. (VOY: "Worst Case Scenario")

In 2370, Benjamin Sisko was impressed by the volume of Alixus's works, commenting she was "quite a prolific author". (DS9: "Paradise")

In 2378, The Doctor agreed to let Tom Paris read his holonovel Photons Be Free, saying as Paris was a fellow author, his input might be valuable. Later, Paris accused him of not caring whether he slandered fellow crew members as long as he was known as a brilliant author. (VOY: "Author, Author")

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