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Avaah Blackwell (born 28 February 1990; age 32) is a model, actress, producer, and stuntwoman who worked on Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. In addition, she worked as stunt double for Rebecca Romijn on four episodes of Strange New Worlds. Among her Discovery roles are four different Osnullus characters, a Human character, and a Kelpien. [1]

She posed in Klingon make-up as Hugo Villasenor's model during an IMAT make-up show. [2] [3] She was also interviewed for the podcast Trek Untold in 2020. [4]

Blackwell classically trained in Europe – London and Holland – and graduated Prague Film School's "Acting for Film" program. Under the name Kearstin Plemel, she worked on a number of independet and short films such as the comedy The Amazing Adventures of Lars Jensen (2010), the science fiction film Léa (2011), the horror film The Cure (2012), the comedy The Right Kind of Wrong (2013, with Leif Havdale), the drama Common Chord (2013), the drama After the Storm (2013), the action film The Takeaway (2014), the television series Last Seen Alive (2014), the fantasy film Crossing Over: Batman Meets Dexter (2015, with Phi Huynh), the comedy Real Estate Institute of Canada (2015), the comedy Just Leaving (2015) on which she also worked as producer, the horror comedy Deadline Dawn (2015), and the horror film Breakdown Lane (2017). She was also working as casting assistant on the action sequel Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011, starring Simon Pegg).

Further work includes the short thriller Figment (2015), the comedy Adventures of a Pizza Guy (2015), the short drama Recital (2016), the short drama A Soldier's Farewell (2016), the short drama Sophia (2017), and the series Fan Girl Fights (2016-2017) in which she also performed her own stunts and worked as producer.

The acting job which brought her into the union was her 2017 guest part as "Alabaster Woman" in the 12 Monkeys episode "Nature". Developed by Terry Matalas, the episode starred Todd Stashwick and had Christopher Lloyd, Alisen Down, Scottie Thompson, and Jay Karnes in its cast.

Further acting work includes the action film Crimson Noir (2018), the television drama Deadly Influencer (2019), the short thriller Lucky Break (2019), the short film Alaka-Damn (2019, with Dan MacDonald and Daniel Lavigne), the thriller Dark Web: Cicada 3301 (2021, with Hanneke Talbot), the video game Outriders (2021), the short horror comedy Escape: A Ghost Story (2021, with David Benjamin Tomlinson), and the television series Y: The Last Man (2021, with Missi Pyle and Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves).

A trained stunt performer, Blackwell worked as stunt double for actress Lauren Lee Smith on the television series Frankie Drake Mysteries (2021, which had Grace Lynn Kung and Romaine Waite in its cast). She also doubled Sharon Belle in Jupiter's Legacy (2021, with Julie St-Louis), Jen Richards in Clarice (2021, with Grace Lynn Kung, Emily Coutts, Cait Alexander, Simon Northwood, and Patrick Kerton), Jes Macallan in Legends of Tomorrow (2021), Laysla De Oliveira in Locke & Key (2021, with Victoria Goodman, Aj Risi, and Vincent Rother), and Brenda Strong in Supergirl (2021).

More recent stunt work includes the television comedy Secret Society of Second-Born Royals (2020, with James Eddy, Joel Labelle, Ana Shepherd, and Al Vrkljan), the television series What We Do in the Shadows (2021, with Jennifer Vey and coordination by Tig Fong), the science fiction/horror sequel Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021, with Neal McDonough), the science fiction series The Expanse (2021, with Shohreh Aghdashloo), and the television series Station Eleven (2021).

Upcoming productions include stunt work on the science fiction film Control (2021, starring Sara Mitich) and the thriller Alice, Darling (2021) and in a starring role as Scarlett Jones in the sports drama EFC (2021, working with Sebastian Buitrago, Julie St-Louis, Christine Trinh, and Hubert Boorder).

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