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Avaah Blackwell (born 28 February 1990; age 31) is an actress who specializes in sci-fi, action, and fantasy genres.

She has appeared on Star Trek: Discovery as two recurring Osnullus characters: an Osnullus bridge officer and an Osnullus science officer throughout the three seasons of the series. In the third season, she appeared as a human recurring character, Ina.

She also appeared as an Osnullus trader in "That Hope Is You, Part 1". [1] and the Osnullus captain Rahma in "Scavengers", which was her first speaking role on the show, for which she received her first on-screen credit.

She posed in Klingon make-up as Hugo Villasenor's model during an IMAT make-up show. [2] [3]

She can be seen in EFC as Scarlett Jones, 12 Monkeys as "Alabaster Woman", and other cult classic films.

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