Axanar script.

The Axanar language was the language of the Axanar.

In 2151, Enterprise NX-01 communications officer Hoshi Sato had to learn the language quite quickly in order to clear up a misunderstanding with an Axanar captain, in order to prevent him or an alien vessel from destroying Enterprise. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Written language

An Axanar bridge, with controls in Axanar.

Some of the cargo containers Menos was carrying when he was arrested in the Pernaia system in 2152 had Axanar writing on them. (ENT: "The Seventh")

Hoshi later kept notated clippings of Axanar text pinned on a bulletin board in her quarters. (ENT: "Exile", [1])

Spoken language

Words and phrases

  • Dukta-mutoor - ship
  • Kunatsila - distress
  • Dukta-mutoor kunatsila - (The) ship (is in) distress
In the script for "Fight or Flight", the phrase "ship in distress" is scripted to be translated into Axanar as "Dukta-mutoor kunatsila datii," although the last word in that phrase is not sounded in the episode.

Examples of spoken language

Iktuur suktaka, testa tono ista bhur. Owawala kuunat. Iste katsi kolo. Madringu du-stempru. – Kana la staka owawala, Utamilasa testa tono ista bhur. Usha vitar. Itar minuva. Tatal derikuu. – Varoshan. Silah min priku kalani...
Recorded Axanar captain's log. (ENT: "Fight or Flight")

Atad dvii oora! Aureetuan! Mii alo owaba! Minas! Ooran tua calla!
(The Axanar captain expresses frustration with Enterprise.)
In the script for "Fight or Flight", the first word of this phrase is written as "Tomii." However, only the second syllable can be heard in the episode.
Loor rah tee! Ahtara noss rohnay!
(The Axanar captain indicates Enterprise sent a distress call.)
Mii toras amayar tee!
(The Axanar captain refers to DNA scans.)
In the "Fight or Flight" teleplay, the Axanar captain follows this phrase with the word "Du!" although this isn't included in the final version of the episode.
Atah hoss moor at! Loorah! Atah hoss!
(The Axanar captain displays frustration with Enterprise's text-based translator.)
Ataa duii oora.
(Hoshi Sato attempts to explain the situation to the Axanar captain.)
Ataa iis? Minas alo.
(The Axanar captain's response.)
Aata loora iis da! Oorehm miista voor!
(Hoshi's response.)
Eetova vohmala?
(The Axanar captain's response.)
Iis da! Tuo, tuo ama tooras da! Veetal, veetal noss ohmeen! Oorah, ootah doee oorah!
(Hoshi's response.)
In the script for "Fight or Flight", the words "tuo" and "veetal" are written only once in this section. However, in the episode, both vocal sounds are said twice. Also, the script omits the first usage of the word "oorah" (although it is said on-screen), and concludes this sentence with the word "stah!" though that term is not in the episode.
(The Axanar captain's response.)
Latoora de...
(Hoshi's response.)
Emos owaba.
(The Axanar captain's response.)
(Hoshi's response.)
This word isn't in the script, despite being included in the episode.
(The Axanar captain's response.)
(Hoshi's response.)

Background information

A script pronunciation guide for the Axanar language.

A pronunciation guide for the Axanar language was included in the episode script.

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