Ayelborne was a male Organian citizen of Organia in the 23rd century.

In 2267, Ayelborne was the temporary Chairman of the Council of Elders on Organia. When Kirk and Spock beamed to Organia, he greeted them; when they asked to speak to someone in authority, he answered, curiously, that there was no one in authority. He then identified himself as Chairman of the Council, and took Kirk to meet the others of the Council. While Kirk was discussing the Federation's offer, the Klingons invaded and occupied the planet.

Kirk found Ayelborne and the Council to be a study in conundrums. One moment, they were most anxious to help him hide from the Klingons, and the next, they were betraying him to them. Still later, Ayelborne retrieved Kirk from a Klingon cell, apparently bypassing the guards effortlessly. When the Klingons, enraged by the escape, murdered two hundred Organians, Ayelborne displayed little concern. Each time Kirk confronted him, he gently told Kirk that he didn't understand the Organians. Truer words were rarely spoken, but Kirk did not know it yet.

Determined to harass the Klingons to the limits of their ability, Kirk and Spock attempted to infiltrate the citadel. They hoped to confront Kor, and inflict some sort of harm – and at the moment they tried, Ayelborne and Claymare appeared – and put a stop to it. Ayelborne states that, as he stands before Kirk and Kor, he also stands on their respective homeworlds, Earth and Qo'noS. Both sides must agree to cease hostilities, or their armed forces will be immobilized. He then asked both groups of visitors to leave; their propensity for violence was deeply painful to the Organians. And then, he and Claymare departed, revealing their true nature in the process, as they dispersed into energy. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

Ayelborne also appeared in the Malibu DS9 comic "Blood & Honor" by Mark Lenard.

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